Wage and Hour Claims

Employers of every size often take advantage of their employees through violations of federal, state, or local labor laws.  Workers are entitled to receive minimum wage, and typically overtime pay for working more than 40 hours in any given week, in addition to meal and rest breaks.  Employees may also be misclassified as “independent contractors” in order to evade payment of overtime at 1.5 times the regular rate of pay.  Industries that commonly violate the Fair Labor Standards Act include restaurants and construction.

If you or someone you know is being treated unfairly by an employer, one of our experienced attorneys will be able to assist you.  Your employer is prohibited from retaliating against you for filing a lawsuit alleging violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Further, your confidentiality is very important to us.  Please contact our office to speak with an experienced trial attorney if you are the victim of wage theft.