Personal Injury

When you’ve been injured in an accident, your world has been turned upside down.  Between missing work, making medical payments, and enduring the pain from your accident-related injuries, you’re in a constant state of emergency.  You need attorneys you can trust to aggressively pursue your bodily injury case to recover just compensation in an efficient and expeditious manner.

At the Law Firm of Stefan Shaibani PLLC, we pride ourselves on taking care of our clients first.  We offer free consultations for any personal injury case, and we provide an honest assessment of how much our clients would be able to recover from their injury case and how long the legal process can take.   The sooner our clients are compensated for their injuries, the sooner they can resume their normal lives.

Our team of attorneys and paralegals is prepared to serve your needs for your bodily injury case.  Whether you’ve just been in a car accident, are hospitalized or still in medical treatment, we are here to answer your questions when you need it most.