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Home ownership can be as costly as it is rewarding, but luckily homeowner’s insurance is available to help mitigate the troubles that come with home ownership. Some of the most common homeowner insurance claims include:

  • Wind damage. High winds can cause some serious chaos. From throwing branches down on roofs or through windows to taking out fences with trampolines and dismantling garage doors, wind is a big reason for homeowner insurance claims.
  • Water damage not related to weather. Burst pipes, plumbing malfunction, and appliance issues that cause water damage not related to weather are another culprit behind a good number of homeowner insurance claims.
  • Hail damage. Although it doesn’t typically last very long, hail can cause major damage to a house’s roof and any equipment mounted on it. Most homeowner’s insurance covers this kind of damage and is a common source of claims.
  • Weather related water damage. Whether due to problems with rain gutters and downspouts, ground drainage issues, or simply thanks to a flash flood, a flooded basement or attic and the long-term effects it can have (i.e. mold growth and wood rot) is not something anyone wants to experience. Although flood insurance is separate from standard homeowner’s insurance, it is one of the biggest problems that cause homeowner insurance claims.
  • Theft. There are millions of burglaries reported every year in the United States and more than half of the reported burglaries are residential. Thankfully, most homeowner’s insurance will cover both damage to the house as well as the valuables stolen and most burglaries result in a claim being made.

While homeowner’s insurance is designed to ease the burdens that homeowners face, the insurance company will sometimes become part of the problem. Whether you’ve suffered a loss from fire, weather damage, theft, or another disaster and have filed a legitimate claim that isn’t being handled properly or at all, it may be time to get a lawyer.

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  1. I appreciate the list of the most common types of homeowners insurance claims. After reading this list, I think that it would be a good idea to go over my insurance policy to make sure that I am covered for those things that you mentioned. If I am protected against the most common types of natural disasters and random things like theft and water damage I will feel much more safe in my home.

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